Flash-Fiction Story (Horror): The Water Tower Ghost

Accepted into the anthology Shallow Waters Volume 2 by Crystal Lake Publishing.

Short Story (Horror): Crude Lake

Accepted into the anthology Fearless Fathoms: Tales of Aquatic Terror published in the summer of 2016 by Scarlet Galleon Publications, New Bedlam, MA, USA.

Short Story (Horror): Red Silk

Winner of the Writer’s Arena battle #52. Two stories go head to head against the voting public and three judges. Red Silk WINS this 2015 competition!

Short Story (Paranormal): “Danny”


“Wonderful story, Darryl. Gave me chills!”

“Loved it! But I’m totally freaked out. I can’t wait to read more of your work. You have a great imagination.”

“Wow Darryl! Its 9am and I’m a little terrified, thanks! Great story, congrats to you!”

Short Story (Horror): “The Turning”


“I just found this an utterly captivating read. Nicely done!”

“As a ‘Walking Dead’ follower, I was drawn into this story. True heebeejeebeees, looking at existence through the empty eye orbs of the undead, right up there with Koontz and King.”

Short Story (Horror): Crawlers

Short Story (Horror): Langdon House

Short Story (Paranormal): The Pinky-Promise

Short Story (Sci-Fi): The Creighton

Short Story (Sci-Fi): Fire in the Sky