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Fearful Fathoms: Tales of Aquatic Horror

FF How Deep Does Your Fear Go

If you missed it on Facebook, here it is again: Exciting news! My short story Crude Lake was accepted into Fearful Fathoms: Collected Tales of Aquatic Terror. This anthology is scheduled to be published in the summer of 2017 by Scarlet Galleon Publications. I’m so excited for this anthology and to work with Mark Parker, Publisher & Managing Editor at Scarlet Galleon Publications. Here’s a portion of the acceptance letter that made a dream come true.Crude Lake

“Scarlet Galleon Publications thanks you for your submission to FEARFUL FATHOMS: Collected Tales of Aquatic Terror. We enjoyed reading your submission and truly appreciate you sharing it with us. We are writing to let you know that your submission “Crude Lake” has been selected for inclusion in the final anthology. It is an honor and pleasure to have you on board!”

This story scares people: Flash Fiction “Danny” Published to Quick Brown Fox Blog

t1larg_terror_tsDo you believe in ghosts?

I’m very excited to announce that my flash-fiction piece “Danny” was published on the Quick Brown Fox Blog today. Click here to read a creepy piece of paranormal fiction that seems to be scaring people.

Let me know what you think of the piece by commenting on the blog. Thanks for reading.

Darryl Foster

Do you Believe in Ghosts? Flash Fiction: “Danny”

Scary flash fiction to give you a chill.

Darryl Foster

“Please don’t leave Dad.”

Sitting in the shadowy room on the edge of my eight year old son’s bed seemed routine lately. I had never seen him so frightened. His face, warmed only by the hallway light, was a pageantry of dread: puppy dog eyes, quivering lips, and tears, all pulled at my heart strings. I sensed fear in his voice, and whatever he was afraid of in the closet seemed real to him.

I remember being a kid and the shadows that moved in my bedroom at night. I remember calling out for my parents—all too often. When no one came I froze. I felt paralyzed with fear, lying stiff in bed under my sheets. I would wish for the morning to come; wanting sunlight to warm between the slits of my window blind, driving the darkness and monsters away. I don’t recall if my terror of the dark…

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Five Things We Need More of in Horror Literature Today

Horror Novel Reviews

Written by: Matthew J. Barbour

Every genre needs new and exciting stories. Recently, we have seen an explosion in vampire and zombie literature; splatterpunk, once regarded as smut by some of the most diehard horror aficionados, has gone main stream; and nowadays, it seems everyone is influenced by H.P. Lovecraft and constructing their own cosmic horror tales.  Truth be told, these trends are beginning to wear a little thin. Here are five things I hope to see more of in horror literature in the future.

The Ghost Story

A ghost is to horror like a knight is to fantasy. It isn’t required of the genre, but it is fundamental. The first thing that comes to mind when speaking of the horror is the ghost story. The roots of these stories intertwine with folk tales and legends as old as the earth itself.  However, their height in popularity appears to have…

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Short Story Published


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I’m honoured and thrilled to have my short story entitled “Danny” accepted by for publication this coming week. Spotlight moments like this make me realize that perseverance is a virtue. When writers and authors tell you the most important thing about writing is to write and read everyday; they’re right. You have to own your craft, and that means being engaged. Feed your brain all the available information about writing you can find, then add a dash of don’t-give-up, and eventually you’ll obtain your goals, and a first publication. Getting past that threshold of whether or not your writing is good enough for publication is a legitimate fear, but don’t let that stop you from submitting your work, especially if you’re looking for publication. Rejection is good, and yes it knocks you down, but it teaches you to find a way to get back up, and you learn. You learn a new way, and eventually perseverance will carry you over the finish line. I’m inspired today; I hope you are too.