I Need Your Vote! I’m Competing in the Writer’s Arena!

Starting Tuesday, September 8th my short story goes live, online in the Writer’s Arena BATTLE #52TheWritersArena_com-225

Back in December of 2014 I applied for an online writing competition. I was contacted last month to compete. This competition is similar to Iron Chef, but for writers. This isn’t a food fight, it’s a write fight. Gladiator versus gladiator in the Writer’s Arena where sword and armour are tossed aside for a keyboard and literary throwing stars. I’m very excited about this competition, and nervous.

Here’s how it works: My opponent and I had a writing prompt emailed to us. You are allowed 10 days to complete a polished story of 4000 words or less written in your choice of genre. I can’t share with you the writing prompt or what genre I choose until the story battle goes live on September 8th for voting. But if you know what I like to write then you can count on something creepy.

Where you come in: When the story battle goes live next week I’ll be busy on all social platforms to ensure friends and family have a link to the website hosting my story. You will see my story and my opponent Tony Southcotte’s story. Read both. Vote for the one you like most. The story with the most votes goes a long way, but there are also judges that add an extra layer to the battle.

I’ll keep you all posted with links through social media. In the meantime checkout the website and some of the writing battles taking place at www.thewritersarena.com.


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