8 real life oddities to kick-start your next novel

I love stuff like this. Kudos to Leslie Chivers for putting this together.

Literary Dialogue

Working on the outline for your next novel, and you’re feeling stuck? Have no fear because sometimes real life is stranger than fiction. And sometimes, those mysteries can spark the creative fire. There are hundreds of unexplained mysteries out there. I’ve chosen eight that can be a launchpad for your next novel. Have fun.

The Dyatlov Pass Incident

Ïàëàòêà Äÿòëîâöåâ

You’ll read about The Donner Party in a few moments, but this is way stranger than The Donner Party will ever be. In 1959 a group of nine skiers set camp for the night in the northern Ural Mountains. The next day, all nine were dead. But it was weeks later, when a search party was sent looking for them after they failed turn up at a rendezvous spot, that the full extent of the mystery became known.

Investigators determined the skiers had torn their tents open from the inside out in…

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