Short Story Published


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I’m honoured and thrilled to have my short story entitled “Danny” accepted by for publication this coming week. Spotlight moments like this make me realize that perseverance is a virtue. When writers and authors tell you the most important thing about writing is to write and read everyday; they’re right. You have to own your craft, and that means being engaged. Feed your brain all the available information about writing you can find, then add a dash of don’t-give-up, and eventually you’ll obtain your goals, and a first publication. Getting past that threshold of whether or not your writing is good enough for publication is a legitimate fear, but don’t let that stop you from submitting your work, especially if you’re looking for publication. Rejection is good, and yes it knocks you down, but it teaches you to find a way to get back up, and you learn. You learn a new way, and eventually perseverance will carry you over the finish line. I’m inspired today; I hope you are too.




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